Avalon Beach fitness trainer Tom Warren has always loved helping people enjoy and improve their bodies through fitness and exercise.

After years of training his clients towards physical improvement, he began to learn and appreciate the importance of what was going on on the inside, especially around the issue of weight control and gut health.

It was then that Trainer Tom discovered the wonderful probiotic benefits of fermented food and drink in reversing the negative effects of the overly processed modern diet.

Trainer Tom decided that the best way that he could add value for his clients, friends and family was to supercharge their intestines!

Enter the Kombucha.

Trainer Tom was introduced to the tasty ancient brew and its amazing health benefits by a friend who had recently returned from Mullumbimby in Northern NSW with an organic starter kit as a gift.

Trainer Tom began experimenting immediately and soon became obsessed with the science of the fermentation process.

Very soon, his 5 litre flasks weren’t enough to supply the many requests from his family and friends, so he stepped up to 10 litre flasks...

...then 20, then 50, then 100. Soon began years of obsession, improvement and refinement.

The result is a super tasty, low sugar, highly probiotic kombucha with added prebiotic fibre to take us and our intestines into the future.

Hand crafted in small batches with zero compromise on quality.

Born and brewed in Avalon Beach, Sydney, Australia, Tombucha is the result of passionate commitment to an obsession.

Trainer Tom’s Tombucha ... it’s Kombucha to a T.