Trainer Tom’s Tombucha.

Lovingly brewed in Avalon Beach, Sydney in the beach-side suburb’s very own micro-brewery.

Tombucha starts out as a perfectly brewed sweet green tea before the living Kombucha cultures are added.

The fermentation then begins and 3-4 weeks later, after the blended fruits and/or root vegetables have been added for flavouring, it's time for filtration and canning.

Tombucha is refreshing, tasty, low in sugar, raw, unpasteurised, organic and great for your gut health.

Trainer Tom’s Tombucha. It's kombucha to a T.

Find us in stores

Tombucha is stocked in stores across Sydney.

Find us in store

Trainer Tom's Tombucha.

The results of three years of refining and perfecting. No preservatives. Organic ingredients. Unpasteurised. Lovingly grown probiotics and prebiotic fibre for great gut health!

Trainer Tom

The man who creates the incredible Tombucha.


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Trainer Tom's Tombucha was awarded Gold in the first ever taste test challenge we have entered, and to say we're proud is an understatement! Both flavours took Gold, in the 5th edition of the Aurora International Taste Challenge.